under the coconut tree

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

KL brought me for a lovely birthday treat to a French restaurant, Le Pont De La Tour on our short trip back to London last month. It has a lovely view of the Tower Bridge and a nice formal atmosphere. The only complaint I had was the tables were too close to one another. To make matters worse we were seated to a very loud American. Thankfully, he left soon after that we were able to enjoy our meal in peace.

For starters, we had gin & tonic followed by:
Native Oysters No.2
Roast Les Landes foie gras, figs, almonds & banyuls vinaigrette
Main Meal: Scottish venison, prunes, bacon, spiced red cabbage & celeriac
Today's special - breaded pheasant served with some pasta.
Finally for dessert:
Valrhona chocolate fondant, pistachio ice cream.
Apologies for the half eaten cake, I was too busy eating before I remembered that I was supposed to take a photo! =)

Overall, we thought the starters (and the chocolate cake) was so much more enjoyable than the main course itself.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


This trip was over a month ago but never got round to finishing it.

After a trip back to Malaysia and armed with brand spanking new passports, KL and I are on the road again! First stop, Macau (err...well, after Thailand and of course Singapore :p)!

Since Macau was just a couple hours away, we thought we'd explore it on a daytrip over the weekend. We blissfully strolled to the ferry ticket counter that Saturday morning to purchase our tickets - big mistake!! In Hong Kong one should always, always book everything in advance - dining, massage, movie tickets etc. On hindsight, we should have known better. After all, many chinese people are known for their love of gambling and many have been known to spend the weekend in the casinos of Macau.

The ticket counter with its massive queue. We eventually got on a ferry 3 hours later.The alleys of Macau. The pace in Macau is clearly much slower than its neighbour. The older generation relaxing in the park with their prized birds.
The famous ruins of St.Paul's cathedral. This landmark usually come to mind when Macau is mentioned, thanks to its potrayal in the many Hong Kong movies we watched growing up.
The patterned cobbled streets in the main square.
A trip to Macau is definitely not complete without a stopover in one of the many casinos. After much observing and contemplating, we decided to try our luck. Since we couldn't find a table which would accommodate our stake (which was by the way very low!), we ended up at a computerised roulette table. We were certainly not born natural gamblers. I'm not sure how others did it but each time the wheel spun, I'd have my heart in my mouth. As and when money was deducted, I broke into cold sweat. The sad part was, we are just talking about a meagre sum of HK$100 (GBP7)!! Anyway, after half an hour of unnecessary stress and near heart attacks, we decided to cash in while we were ahead.

Happy KL with our winnings!