under the coconut tree

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're back ....(with a new addition!)

Time flies … I didn’t realise that it has been over a year since my last post. During this time, KL and I has since started new jobs, bought a flat, car and had a baby (all in that order).

So, it has been a busy and exciting time for the Wong family. We have now settled into more-a-less routine with baby Ian and hope to introduce him the joys of travelling! Our previous 2 mini trips to Wales and Paris went well. Next stop – Malaysia! I’m looking forward to our trip home though am very apprehensive as to how Ian will take to flying on a 13-hour flight and not forgetting the hot and humid weather when we touch down. We had wanted to make a short flight to Europe with the little man as a trial run but we somehow never got round to it.

Anyway, Ian’s Cadillac (pic below) finally arrived yesterday in anticipation of our trip home and in preparation for future trekking trips to Scotland and the Alps. Both grandmas will probably start worrying right about now – just when they thought having a baby would finally ground us!! Hah! ;)