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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Women of Hanoi

Guys, if I think I know what I think you are thinking ... boy you'll be devastatingly disappointed(for those of you who found this web-site via a dodgy search on google; go click somewhere else otherwise read on..!!!).

This blog pays tribute to the hard-working women of Hanoi. Every crook and corner that we went there was bound to be a pleasant lady hawking her wares; ranging from fruits and vegatable to stack on bras and undies!! (to KL's amazement - heck he even tried chasing one down for photos)

It was such a hot day that the sight of this sweet (literally) lady selling sugar canes was a thirst-quenching welcome! Posted by Hello

A common sight along the street of Hanoi, woman selling yummy noodles. Posted by Hello

A hawker gracefully manouvers through the buzzling streets of the old town. Strange how in this day and age such traditional means of trading is not only widely accepted by the community but thriving. Posted by Hello

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