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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Artois Championship

Being a housewife (or, as KL likes to call it - the datin lifestyle) is definitely not for me. I have to admit, I really enjoyed it the first few weeks but the novelty has since worn off as there is so much you can watch on tv and clean.

So, I'm now actively looking for a job - I reckon KL will be pleased. He's probably stressed up with my daily persistent phone calls asking him when he will be home from work! Haha.. ;)

I was at the Artois Championships last week. Got to see the British players Murray, Bogdanovic, the Chilean Gonzalez (to name a few). The seats were pretty limited, the atmosphere was not as great ... well, to put it lightly, it wasn't Wimbledon.

Some shots from the championships..

Gonzalez in action.

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