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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm now back in HK after spending a month dividing my time between home, Singapore and a spot of travelling in Thailand. Hence, the silence on the blogging end!

The trip home has been great - managed to meet up with friends, spent time with the family, met a new addition to the family (my cousin sis just had a baby) and of course, stuffed ourselves with local food.

My big bro took us to many great eats in Singapore this time round. Among them Tian Tian Chicken rice (reputed to be the best chicken rice in S'pore), Porridge in Outram Park, Cumi Bali (Indonesian food) at Duxton Road, German food (yes, German -great beer and finger licking pork knuckles). If you are out looking for good food in Singapore, don't give the above places a miss!

Admittedly, as Singapore does not have a big reputation as a food-haven (we Malaysians liked to think of S'pore food as nothing more than a second-grade imitation of our own delicacies) we were pleasantly surprised by what we encountered! Don't get me wrong Singapore food is still sub-standard in general, but there are some good places if you know where to find them!

Our lack of faith made us leave our camera behind on most eating outings, except for the Soup Restaurant in Paragon. The place is well known for the samsu chicken dish. The cold deboned chicken is served with delicious ginger dipping sauce and cucumber slices. It's eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves. Yum-mmy..!

The other dishes we had - steam fish with light soya sauce garnished with spring onions and coriander. KL commented that this comes pretty close to Wah Chai's restaurant in Menglembu, near Ipoh.
Deep fried japanese tofu with prawns & egg white in sweet-sour sauce.
So all in all we left Singapore when a fairly happy tummy and possibly few kg's heavier!

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