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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Around Valencia

We were heading to El Palmar, a village surrounded by rice fields and lagoons from our camp site when we came upon this onion patch. Coudn't resist not taking a picture of it! Isn't it itchy looking?! Posted by Hello

A picture of the village, in view of fishermen boats overlooking the rice-fields. This place is the birthplace of paella. Posted by Hello

The mouth watering seafood paella (Spain's most famous dish), it's as yummy as it looks. Though you can't have much of it as it's too rich and creamy, like nasi lemak and the texture is somewhat sticky - albeit like 'bakchang' (glutinous rice) Bet my cousins (ie. karchengs must be drooling by now!) Posted by Hello

The nature reserve of La Albufera in sunset. It consists of the lagoon of La Albufera itself, the wetlands around it and the adjacent shoreline. Breath-taking isn't it? Posted by Hello

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