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Friday, November 25, 2005

Carlsberg Brewery København

How can a trip to Copenhagen be complete without a visit to the famous Carlsberg brewery? That’s what I thought anyway. Since the hotel that we stayed in was only 20 minutes walk away, it only affirms our decision to make a quick trip to the brewery.

The whole tour was quite enjoyable and quite value for money. It costs DKK40 per entry which equates to roughly £4. With that comes 2 free vouchers that entitle you a pint of beer or soft drinks at the end of the visit. We obviously opted for beer as we wanted to try the different beers available (bad decision!!) …. E.g. Limited Christmas Beer, Brown Ale, Caramel Beer. As KL and I were not beer drinkers – we basically had to force the beer down! I think we were the only ones there who did not finish the beers. If my dad was there, he’ll probably reprimand us and finish it for us. =)

The bar where we got our free drinks from.

The tour was really informative – it shows us how beer was processed as you would expect, stables where horses were still used as means of transportation around the brewery, video presentations comparing the traditional and modern method of beer processing….etc. The highlight I thought was the amazing beer collection they had on display. It is apparently the largest beer collection from all over the world.

Presenting the world’s largest beer collection…

Did you know that Carlsberg was first brewed in 1847 by Jacobson? The first brewery was built just outside Copenhagen on a hill (berg in Danish). The brewery was named after his first son Carl hence the name ‘Carlsberg’. ;)

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