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Monday, January 16, 2006


Portobello Market, the world’s largest antiques market. I can't believe I haven't been more frequent than I should have. KL’s previous trip to the market was not memorable – hence we’ve never made it a point to come (until now, that is). I suspect he probably came on a wrong day.

Anyway, after a hearty breakfast of ‘karipap’ and ‘nasi lemak’ washed down with ‘teh tarik’ at the Malaysian Hall, we took a 5 minute bus ride down the road to Nottinghill Gate. Though we were unsure of the exact location, we just followed the throngs of people hoping that they would lead us there and they did!

The market stretches the full length of Portobello road was bustling with activities and the streets were infested with people though it was wet, cold and gloomy!!

The stalls offer anything and everything that you can think of – (mostly) second hand items from clothing, jewellery, furniture, cameras, telescopes, chinas....

Further along the road, there are stalls offering household items, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls , lovely flowers even fresh fish.

I had an excellent time - it was really fun browsing through the stalls (new and antiques). I'm definitely heading back there soon.

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