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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ho Hung Kee

This post is especially dedicated to my cousin, Tyan. She has been raving about this restaurant way before I set foot in Hong Kong. Apparently, it served the best congee that she'd ever tasted, even to the point of dreaming about it! We finally went to the place on Tuesday and I had to agree with her whole-heartedly. We have since went back a couple of times.
The restaurant specialises in congee and noodles, and you can have virtually anything under the sun to go with them - from the typical pork and fish meat, to century and salted eggs along with a whole bunch of pig anatomy.

We had the pork liver and intestines congee. I swear the pork liver was so tender and cooked to perfection. The intestines were also crunchy and went down very well. The congee itself was indeed one of the smoothest I had ever had.
On top of the congee, I had the Jia Jiang noodles. It was good, although Mak's Noodles was much better. I cannot really describe it but Mak's felt more home-made, and the noodles were were a tad crunchier and tastier.
KL had the Beef brisket with wanton noodles.

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