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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to HK

Phew, talk about bad timing - I flew into Hong Kong on Friday only to be greeted by a typhoon. As there were no announcements made on the plane, I was clueless about the storm. Concerned text messages from KL and Esther (KL's good friend) were completely ignored. Little did I know that it was a "grade 8" typhoon which was in fact quite severe - offices and schools were effectively shut down for the day and the majority of public transport had stopped working!

At any rate, thankfully, I managed to meet up with KL (he was got off early work due to the warning) and managed to get on a taxi, albeit with an additional HKD20 surcharge for "high risk driving conditions".

The boutique hotel KL stayed in was rather nice - Lanson Place close to Causeway Bay MTR station. The place was pretty unassuming from the outside but the interiors were pretty classy and the people friendly and helpful. The only niggle I had was the breakfast they served - I could have done with some local chinese food instead of a selection of continental breakfast. Yogurt, fruit salad and muffins do not look as attractive when you are surrounded by local shops next door offering some mouth watering sliced-pork congee, 'cheung fan' with 'yau-char-kwai' and all sorts of other delicacies.

Oh ... did I mention that the bathroom has a completely see-through glass design?? Definitely unique in terms of design . I get the idea that couples share 'everything', but I do think this is pushing it a little too far! Can't a girl get some privacy??

HK adventures to be continued... it's 12am here - time to hit the hawker stalls for some supper! As the old saying goes, gym session starts tomorrow!

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