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Monday, August 13, 2007

Local food in Causeway Bay, HK

I do know this blog is more for our travels but thought I'd include the local food that we have tried. I've gotten a list of 'must-eat' places from my brother when he was here for work (did I mention that my family loves good food?). We ventured out to the one closest to where we were staying.

KL wrote down the name of the place and showed it to the concierge and he kindly pointed the place to us and at the same time added that it has the best tofu in HK. Can't say I agree more!

Looks simple but the fried tofu with a thin layer of fishcake at the bottom is very mouth watering. Its accompanied with sweet sauce and chilli sauce. When you bite into it, it's juicy and succulent and leaves a really nice (and oily) after taste! We had some fried noodles and 'tou foo fah' (sweet soy pudding -below) and KL swears it's the smoothest and nicest tou foo fah he had eaten.

So. whenever you are in HK and want to try this place out - here's the link. Best bet is to print it out and show it to a local as I'm sure they will be able to tell you where the place is.


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