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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Under the Bridge

We came upon this small little restaurant by chance. KL and I were walking along Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay in search of Banana Leaf Restaurant which apparently serves decent Malaysian/Singaporean dishes. I reckon the address I got from Lonely Planet and from the web was an old address.

After checking out the menu and the prices didn't look too exorbitant, we decided to give this place a try. The service was so quick and efficient such that before we even warmed our seats, the dishes have arrived! We didn't order crabs this time as we had since exceeded our 'cholesterol' quota for the week. That said, I'm sure we'll be back as I really enjoyed the food there. I thought this place (food & service) was so much better than the food we had in Lamma Island.
I'm sure you'll be wondering why on earth did we order sweet and sour pork in a seafood restaurant? Well, it because my darling husband had a sudden craving for them. For a change, I'm not the one with the craving! Hah!
This fried beehoon (vermicelli) was another highlight. It's looks like relatively simple but it was plain delicious and had a seared flavour from the wok. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention that it was cooked in crab oil (whatever that means!). I enjoyed the clams much more than KL did as it was too spicy for his liking. Each time he had a mouthful, he had to wash it down with several sips of Coke. And, yes - this dish too was good! Yumm-my!
Prawns deep fried in salted egg yolk. I know..I know... I did mentioned about having too much food with high cholesterol earlier. Well, believe me it was a hard choice - it was either the crabs or the prawns! :p The prawns were fresh and you could literally bite into the plentiful salted egg yolk. That said, I thought it was a little bit soggy. Too much batter? Oh well, I'm no cook - maybe it's supposed to be like that!

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