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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hong Kong Food

Yung Kee, a restaurant in Wellington Street near Central is a popular restaurant among locals. There's an average waiting time of 20-30 minutes if you do not have prior booking (in fact I've heard they sometimes do not even take bookings). We were here once before and didn't think too much about the place - it wasn't bad but not much to write home about. Since my brother highly recommended this place ( colloquially quipped "Die die must try!") - we thought we'd give it a another go.

The starter: a tasty century egg served with pickled ginger. It's an acquired taste (legend has it, it used to be buried in the ground for a century and wrapped in horse urine to help the aging process- I am sure - or at least I hope - this is no longer practiced). Very similar to cheese, I suppose. It's either you like it or you don't!
Deep fried soya chicken - it wasn't that special. In fact, I thought it looked better in the photo! I actually had cravings for chicken baked in rock salt, another delicacy but was informed that the dish had to be pre-booked 2 hours in advance.
Choi sum stir fried with scallops. I really thought this was one of the nicest dish I have had since we arrived in HK. We've never tasted such sweet and juicy choi sum ever!! And, the scallops just gave it the extra uummphh! ;)
Last but not least, the restaurant's pièce de résistance - roasted goose. A true delicacy for us, as this is something we are not able to get in the UK or Malaysia. So KL had his sumptuous feast, and excellent alternative to his usual Four Seasons' roast duck in Bayswater.
Darn it.. all these posts on food is making me hungry! Time for supper (again!). :P

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