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Saturday, August 18, 2007

All about food

I always thought that eating out would be an easier and hassle free option compared to home-cooked meals. Well, after being here for a week we have a constant dilemma as to what and where we should eat next!

We have since discovered that restaurants are always crowded (even on weekdays) and dinner time seems to start from 7pm onwards right up to 10pm. After scouring the streets for restaurants with no queues we finally opted for Watami - a chain restaurant that served a mixture of Japanese and Korean food.

It was a dimly lit (trying to get the whole classy/romantic vibe going) restaurant with decent food, although I thought the portions were pretty small. That said, I reckon this was intentional as they were going for the Spanish-style tapas servings.

Buttered scallops.
Japanese rice cake with cheese and vegetables. I didn't particularly care much for this dish but KL enjoyed it!
One of the more enjoyable dish, Korean fried rice with kimchi, garnished with seaweed and a raw egg on top.
One can never go wrong with salmon sashimi. =)

BBQ chicken gizzard served on skewers. Cooked just right and was highly enjoyable. Not the healthiest option though.....

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